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blue heron seeds

All phenos will have resemblance to the Blue Magoo, with some plants being more standout than others.

Blue Heron V2 by Dynasty Seeds

All phenos will have resemblance to the Blue Magoo, with some plants being more standout than others.

Pheno#1-(25%)- THis one has the most stretch to her, but reminds me very much like the mother in all other facets (dark in color, blueberry/huckleberry/rose/lemony smells)..

Pheno #2-(50%) Green with purple hues, stocky and most berry smelling out of the gene pool.

Pheno#3-(25%)- similar to #1, but shorter and even darker purple.. All other traits are almost identical to pheno#1.

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[Ice Queen x Blue Heron]

Ghetto Bird (10 Regular Seeds) – Dynasty Genetics (Bred By Professor P) *EXTREME TERPENES*

[Ice Queen x Blue Heron]


***All seeds are produced organically indoors without the use of chemicals, pesticides or hormones***

**Dynasty freebie included with every order that contains one or more Dynasty Genetics offering–limit of 1 freebie per order while supplies last**

Name: Ghetto Bird
Lineage: Ice Queen x Blue Heron
Breeder: Dynasty Genetics aka Professor P
Count: 10 Regular Seeds
Bloom Time: 9 – 10 weeks
Notes: Ghetto Bird has the highest number of different terpenes / the most diverse combination of terpenes of all Dynasty Genetics offerings

Ghetto Bird has a wide array of smells & flavors ranging from melon, peach, lemon, berry, pine, floral/rose, licorice and skunk, which make this a palette pleaser. Fast growing, vigorous, fragrant blossoms are to be expected.


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