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black skull seeds

Black skull seeds
• THC levels: High. (15% – 20%)

Blackskull Five-o feminized seeds

• Flowering time: 49-56 days.

• THC levels: High. (15% – 20%)

• CBD levels: medium

• Indoor Yields: 80g-100g per plant

• Out door Yields: 250-350 grams per plant

• Height: 80cm – 120cm

• Genetics: Indica 70% Sativa 30%

• Strains : Power Plant x Aghani x Jack Herer

Pack size RRP
3 fem seeds £14.99
5 fem seeds £19.99
10 fem seeds £34.99


Our fastest finishing strain, five-o, is a great cash cropper that does not take up lots of space, finishes in around 50 days and produces an excellent quality end product.

5-0 was created by crossing a very fast finishing Power Plant Phenotype with our Jack Herer x Afghani Hybrid. The result is a squat, Indica dominant strain with rapid growth from day 1 and an incredibly short flowering time.

5-0 produces rock hard buds and will yield up to 500g per m2 indoors and even more outdoors depending on vegetative time. Our breeders recommend 3-4 gallon containers and a 30 day vegetative time to hit maximum yields.

Depending on phenotype you can expect musky floral aromas or hazy citrus scents. The taste of the smoke is nice and spicy but always smooth. The effect is powerful but thanks to some sativa influence it gives an energetic uplifting high.

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Black Skull Seeds

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About Blackskull Seeds

Originating from the UK Blackskull Seeds started off as a pair of growers who set out in their early teens growing cannabis but in later years decided to extend this hobby and work on their own strains but feeling a little bit paranoid about this due to the UK laws, the pair decided to relocate to Spain and settled in Catalonia where they have the freedom to experiment and continue with their favourite pass time, growing weed. Growing cannabis in the UK this pair of breeders knew the importance of developing not only productivity and potency but quick flowering times were first and foremost on the top of their priority list. Even here in Spain it´s important to get your harvest in before the downpours, damp and drizzle sets in as this can ruin marijuana crops and months of hard labour during the summer period.

Product Information

Black Skull Seeds have a range of 13 feminised cannabis seeds in the catalogue comprising of 7 fem and 6 autofem strains. A must have from the autoflowering seeds range is Critical Ryder, Black Skull Seeds compare the production of this monster auto to a photoperiod of its kind and the potent effect lives up to the potent aroma. If your looking to buy feminised seeds then Power Bud comes strongly recommended to those in a hurry, just 50 – 60 days in flower producing rock hard buds, easy to trim and full of potency. But don´t stop at our recommendations, check out the Blackskull Seeds strain list below, there´s a good selection and some powerful hybrids to choose from.

Blackskull Seeds Availability

If you´re looking for fancy gimmicks and free shit with from Blackskull Seeds then you need to shop elsewhere. Black Skull Seeds main focus is to bring affordable marijuana seeds to the market and offer them to you at the cheapest possible price. Prices at the Original Seeds Store start from only €6.26 per seed, this is almost half price compared to other cannabis seed banks and we offer Blackskull in in multi bulk seed packs from 1 – 200 seeds so you have no excuse other than to give them a go.