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big buddha seeds

Big buddha seeds
Milo Yung, creator of Big Buddha Cheese, is dedicated to improve cannabis genetics and produce new and amazing hybrids of excellent quality and at very affordable price. In the 2008, Big Buddha Cheese was awarded Best Indica at the Cannabis Cup, while Blue Cheese won the third prize (Best Strain) at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds is a cannabis seed bank established in the UK and creator of the renowned Big Buddha Cheese, which is doubtless their flagship strain for its intense and unique cheesy flavor.

Milo Yung, creator of Big Buddha Cheese, is dedicated to improve cannabis genetics and produce new and amazing hybrids of excellent quality and at very affordable price. In the 2008, Big Buddha Cheese was awarded Best Indica at the Cannabis Cup, while Blue Cheese won the third prize (Best Strain) at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

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Legends Gold – Feminized cannabis seeds

Legends Gold from the seed bank Big Buddha Seeds is a feminised cannabis variety created from two classic Old School strains, Pot Of Gold and Cheese, plants that have left their stamp on the past and continue winning hearts to this day. Using these [. ]

Big Buddha Cheese – Feminized cannabis seeds

Big Buddha Cheese was the best strain of Indica marijuana in the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup. The Cheese is the intersection of UK’s #1 with a pure Afghan male. After 2 years of selective backcrossing, they obtained to isolate the best features of [. ]

L.A. Cheese – Feminized cannabis seeds

The L.A. Cheese marijuana strain is a great plant because it’s the result of the combination of two great strains winners of various Cannabis Competitions, several times.It is a hybrid composed of an Original Cheese part from the UK, and of the LA C [. ]

Black Cheese – Feminized cannabis seeds

Black Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds is a feminised cannabis variety created by crossing Black SFV (San Fernando Valley OG) with the classic UK Cheese, resulting in a potent and high quality cannabis strain. This Indica-dominant strain enjoys vigorous [. ]

Cherry Moon Pie – Feminized cannabis seeds

Cherry Moon Pie from Big Buddha Seeds is an Indica-dominant cannabis plant, a cross between Cherry Pie and Bubba Kush, resulting in a highly scented and powerful strain. Now online in the feminised seed shop at Alchimiaweb. This Indica hybrid has a [. ]

Big Buddha King Kong – Feminized cannabis seeds

King Kong by Big Buddha Seeds is a mostly Indica cannabis variety, created by crossing the acclaimed Gorilla Glue with Cheese Widow to give potent plants with great flavour and heavy production. Now online as feminised seeds at Alchimiaweb. This dir [. ]

Cookies and Cream Cheese – Feminized cannabis seeds

Cookies and Cream Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds is a feminised cannabis hybrid created crossing the well-known Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mint) with Big Buddha Cheese, resulting in plants with great flavour and potency, now available at T [. ]

Critical Mass Automatic – Automatic cannabis seeds

Already available in Alchimiaweb, the Critical Mass Automatic from Big Buddha Seeds is the autoflowering version of this renowned genetics developed by Mr Nice Seeds , famous for its yield and potent effect, in addition to its sweet and unique flavor [. ]

Buddha Kush OG – Feminized cannabis seeds

Big Buddha Seeds offers here the Buddha Kush OG, a cross between a Top Secret OG Kush x Bubba Kush 98 , created to satisfy the lovers of tasteful 100% Indica genetics, now available in Alchimiaweb. This variety is born of the bank’s interest on crea [. ]

Cheesy Dick – Feminized cannabis seeds

Now available in Alchimia, the strain Cheesy Dick is a cross between the Moby Dick marihuana and the Big Buddha Cheese, which are mixed in a super powerful and very productive plant. We are speaking of mixing two very potent strains – both of them w [. ]

Silver Cheese – Feminized cannabis seeds

Silver Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds is now available in Alchimia, a variety that merges the best features of two heavyweights of the cannabis sector – Super Silver Haze and Big Buddha Cheese marijuana – seeking a strain with a tremendous psychoactive [. ]

Sour Chiesel – Feminized cannabis seeds

Alchimia presents Sour Chiesel, one of the varieties from Big Buddha Seeds created to offer a clash of titans, specially regarding their aromatic and psychoactive features. This hybrid between an AmericanSour Diesel and a Big Buddha Cheese marijuana [. ]

Badazz Cheese – Feminized cannabis seeds

Badazz Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds is a big yieldng cannabis variety created by crossing the legendary clone-only Cheese with Badazz, a high-potency hybrid ((Original Og x Afghan Kush) x Urkel) that brings its flavour and power to these feminised se [. ]

Head Cheese – Feminized cannabis seeds

Head Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds is a mostly sativa hybrid created by bringing together two living legends of the international cannabis scene in the shape of Headband and Cheese, resulting in an ideal strain for day to day use, uplifting the mood a [. ]

Hindu Cream – Feminized cannabis seeds

Hindu Cream from Big Buddha Seeds is an Indica-dominant feminized cannabis plant, created from by crossing two Old School strains that have influenced the European cannabis market for more than 2 decades, we’re talking about Hindu Kush on one hand, a [. ]

Big buddha seeds
Cheese Dawg is a mostly indica strain. Great addition to the catalog of Big Buddha Seeds.

Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds is a seed company from the United Kingdom. They have 16 types of feminized cannabis seeds in their catalogue, including 3 autoflowering strains. Big Buddha Seeds is specialized in Cheese and crossings with Cheese genetics. Their most popular strain is Big Buddha Cheese, the strain with which they won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2006 for ‘Best Indica’.

Silver Cheese (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Silver Cheese is the crossing between two of the most loved strains in the collection; the Big Buddha Cheese and the Super Silver Haze.

Big Buddha Cheese (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Big Buddha Cheese is an award-winning strain, and one of the most popular varieties in the UK. Featuring a trademark flavour profile and a surging, energetic high, this Cheese variant harnesses the best genetics to produce a robust and unforgettable hybrid.

California Orange Cheese (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

California Orange Cheese is a feminized indica-dominant hybrid of two well-respected and powerful strains. Easy growth and pathogen resistance make this an ideal low-maintenance crop for achieving nice full jars.

Blue Cheese (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Blue Cheese is a smelly, but excellent crossing between Blueberry and Cheese.

Buddha Tahoe (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

100% indica, sweet OG Kush variety (Tahoe cut) by Big Buddha Seeds.

Cheesus (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Cheesus is a crossing between Big Buddha Cheese and God Bud, a Canadian strain.

Automatic (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Autoflowering strain from Big Buddha Seeds which is ready after 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest.

Bubble Cheese (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Bubble Cheese is a crossing mixing the genetics of Bubblegum, Cheese and Kush.

Buddha Haze (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Buddha Haze is a 90% dominant sativa strain with Amnesia, G13, Super Silver Haze and Manga Rosa genetics.

Chiesel (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Great crossing which brings new and old genetics of pure fuel together.

Freeze Cheese ´89 (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Crossing of Cheese with Friesland Indica, an old skool indica strain from The Netherlands.

Critical Mass Automatic (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Compact and discreet autoflowering indica strain producing impressive yields.

Cheese Dawg (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Cheese Dawg is a mostly indica strain. Great addition to the catalog of Big Buddha Seeds.

L.A. Cheese (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

L.A. Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds boasts award winning genetics and a strong old school highs. This is a must try for Cheese lovers as it is an elegant twist on the old favorite. She has quick growing times, great yields and connoisseur quality product. This is one that you do not want to miss out on.

Chiesel Automatic (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

An amazing example of an autoflowering hybrid at its best, Chiesel Automatic brings together New York City Diesel x 3rd Generation Cheese autoflowering in a highly special mix. Packed with a tantalising array of flavours and aromas, she will have you hooked right from the word go. To top all that off, Chiesel Automatic is ready to harvest in just 10 weeks!

Buddha Kush OG (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Californian OG Kush x 98 Bubba Kush (reversed) come together in a mysterious mix to create Buddha Kush OG, a combo its creators are very proud of—and you will be too! Ready for harvest in 7–9 weeks, she produces bud of top-shelf quality that will have Kush lovers everywhere basking in utter relaxation.

Blue Cheese Automatic (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

The super intense flavor of Blue Cheese is now available in an autoflowering version thanks to the good folks at Big Buddha seeds. This vigorous grower is ready to harvest in around 10 weeks and produces some of the finest bud imaginable. The potent mix of Indica and sativa pave the way for a super pleasant high.

Big Buddha Cheese Automatic (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

An amazing autoflowering specimen, spawned from the award winning loins of Big Buddha Cheese and a 3rd generation auto (reversed). Big Buddha Cheese Automatic is truly a cosmic wonder. Praised for her super fast growth and authentic taste, this old skool, skunky Indica possess all the right components to become a legendary strain in the near future.

Cherry Moon Pie (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

The best parts of the Original Cherry Pie combined with the legendary Bubba Kush make Cherry Moon Pie by Big Buddha Seeds one of this year’s most crave-worthy strains. When you can get a taste of her scrumptious fruit flavour and can enjoy the uplifting happy high you will no doubt want to keep coming back for more: Cherry Moon Pie is an indica like no other!

Sch’Lemon Cake (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

Sch’Lemon Cake is the latest in a long line of Cookies strains. To create this one, Big Buddha selected an outstanding Sunset Sherbet (mother of Gelato) and crossed it with a super funky Lemon Skunk. The happy highs are all Cookie, but the aroma is nothing like a Thin Mint. Think lemon bundt cake with a sugary glaze.

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Information about Big Buddha Seeds

Considered by many to be one of the best breeders to come out of the UK, Big Buddha has built a reputation for producing the best Cheese strains money can buy. Yet despite this popularity and profound influence on the cannabis market, not too much is actually known about the masters behind the seeds. Here is what we do know:

Big Buddha Seeds is the brainchild of founder Milo Yung, who grew up in British suburbia appreciating the finer points of cannabis from a young age. However, it wasn’t until he was 18 that this passion became fully ignited. With a cutting supplied by a friend, Milo attempted his first indoor grow, and it set in motion cannabis history. From this point, all free time was dedicated to honing skill and growing connoisseur level cannabis. Through work in the industry, and developing contacts, Milo eventually got his hands on an original Cheese clone, one of the most fiercely guarded and exclusive strains of the UK.

Big Buddha Cheese is a potent hybrid crossed from the world famous UK Cheese and an Afghani indica. It gives high yields of dense green.

Having grown with the clone, and experiencing its quality himself, Milo knew exactly what he had to do – make it available for all the world to enjoy. Thus started Big Buddha Seeds.

Today, Big Buddha have refined and honed their original Cheese into one of the best varieties it is possible to get hold of, also using it to produce a number of top-shelf hybrids. The result is world recognition and many awards – making them well worth any grower’s time.

Great examples of their work include Big Buddha Cheese, Blue Cheese, Buddha Tahoe, and Buddha Kush OG – all of which scream quality!

Packaging Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds take packaging extremely serious. So much so that they have made a custom package producing machine in-house, and its ability to keep cannabis seeds safe is next to none.

Each set of seeds is housed in a shock, temperature, and moisture resistant Buddha, which in turn is carefully sealed in a blister pack along with a playing card that denotes the strain within. The Buddha itself has a resealable head, meaning seeds can be stored in the original packaging while not in use. However, as the Buddha is often transparent, be sure to store it in a dark place.

Big Buddha Seeds’ cannabis seeds are available in quantities of 5, in feminized and automatic varieties.

Awards Big Buddha Seeds

As one of the premier producers of Cheese cannabis seeds, it is no wonder to hear that Big Buddha Seeds have won multiple awards over the years. Here are some of their top strains, and the awards they have won.

Big Buddha Cheese


  • 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Indica
  • 2009 420 IC Growers Cup, 5th place for Best Indica
  • 2011 Treating Yourself Expo, 2nd place for Best Indica

One of the most popular strains in the UK, Big Buddha Cheese has an unmistakably pungent taste and aroma that pay homage to its name. A crossing of the original and closely guarded Skunk #1 Cheese with an undisclosed Afghani, this indica dominant beauty grows strong, flowers in 7-9 weeks, produces big yields, and is able to relax the body and mind in its entirety, while uplifting mood.

Blue Cheese


  • 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup, 3rd place for Best Sativa

Blue Cheese combines the dank tones of Big Buddha Cheese with the delightful fruity twists of Blueberry. Both parents are renowned and award-winning in their own right, and their offspring is no different. The combination of these genetics results in a big, bushy beast that produces amble yields in 8-10 weeks. Her bud produces a classic Cheese flavour with a fruity twist, and she induces a functional and extremely euphoric high.

Buddha Tahoe


  • 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, 3rd place for Best Overall Strain
  • 2014 Spannabis Champions Cup, 2nd place for Best Indoor Hydro

One of the few 100% indicas still around, Buddha Tahoe is the child of Big Buddha Seeds’ original Tahoe cut of OG Kush. These cannabis seeds are quite literally a bit of living history, and have been selectively bred over the years to exemplify the very best of this OG Kush. With a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, a tangy, lemony flavour, and a deeply relaxing high, there is a lot to love about Buddha Tahoe!

Blue Cheese Automatic


  • 2013 Spannabis Champions Cup, 2nd place for Indoor Hydro

As the name suggests, Blue Cheese Automatic has all the great qualities of the original Blue Cheese, but in an easy to manage, fast growing automatic variety. Able to go from seed to harvest in roughly 10 weeks, Blue Cheese Auto maintains the pungent yet slightly fruity flavour of its namesake, as well as the euphoric and uplifting high. As she is an automatic, she can also be grown multiple times throughout the year – which is sure to put a smile on many grower’s faces.