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best medical marijuana seeds

Best medical marijuana seeds
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Medical Strains

Strains with helpful attributes

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About Medical Marijuana Strains

Because patients tend to consume marijuana on a regular basis, the quality of the harvest is often critical. Medical marijuana is often grown organically to prevent the introduction of potential toxins. There are many ways to grow medical marijuana organically, including:

Plain Dirt

Marijuana, like any other plant, can be grown in soil. This is typically the easiest and cheapest method since you can get all of the supplies at a standard nursery store. You’ll need to pay attention to the soil quality and keep in mind that your yield may not be as high with this method.

Coco Fiber/Rock Wool

You can also grow marijuana in an inert medium. This will require buying coco fiber, which is not usually very expensive but can be difficult to find. It also requires specialized fertilizers. However, it’s about as easy as growing in standard soil, without the bugs and mess, and usually, results in better yields.


Hydroponics involves growing plants in gravel, without any vegetable matter. You simply pour water and fertilizer directly into the gravel. When you grow plants using hydroponics, you’ll notice that the plant will not grow a large tap root but will produce a large bunch of small white roots that look like hairs.

This can be an excellent method because of the extremely high yields. It is also much cleaner than using soil. However, hydroponics requires quite a bit of up-front investment, since you need troughs, pumps, and reservoirs to keep the plants properly watered and fertilized. You’ll also need to monitor the health of the plants more carefully – keeping an eye on their pH and nutrient levels regularly.


This technique refers to growing plants in air. The plant is held in a mesh basket, and the roots grow through the mesh and into the air, where they are sprayed with water and fertilizer. This can produce incredible yields. Much like hydroponics, it requires a higher up-front expense to obtain the specialized equipment and more labor to monitor the plants and keep their nutrient and pH levels in the correct range.


This system is extremely impressive when it works well, but difficult to set up. An aquaponics set up includes fish and plants living together in a symbiotic environment, where the plants cleanse the water that the fish live in while the fish provide the plants with the food they need. A quality aquaponics system, inside a climate-controlled greenhouse, can produce incredibly high-quality plants and fish anywhere, any time of year.

There is an incredibly large amount of effort required to build and maintain a proper aquaponics system. You’ll want to make sure to do your research and reach out to some of the experts on our forum to get started.

Relief When You Need It

With high-quality marijuana seeds, it doesn’t matter which of these many growing options you choose. You will be growing your own relief, and able to control the quality of the product while keeping your costs low. And, when you purchase your seeds from ILGM, you can be confident that you’ll be getting high-quality seeds that will result in great buds.

Throughout the world, people are turning to marijuana to relieve their symptoms. In some areas, growing marijuana for medical use is entirely legal. Whether you purchase seeds designed for medical use or those high in THC, marijuana’s ability to heal is becoming more understood every day.

Much More Than Joints

Medical marijuana does not have to be smoked to be beneficial. There are many other options for consuming its medicinal benefits. You can bake it into foods, create a cannabis oil, or vaporize it and inhale the vapors. Some even eat the plant raw, similar to hemp. Learn about the numerous methods of preparing your harvest in our blog.

With proper research, growers of medical marijuana can find a method that works well for them. One that provides the many benefits of this naturally occurring medication while avoiding the harmful side effects of many other pharmaceuticals. Check out our medical seed options today.

Best medical marijuana seeds
There are many different hybrid strains available that offer the best of both worlds. They are available in both indica-dominant and sativa-dominant varieties, as well as fairly even splits. Hybrid strain users can have the pain relieving effects of Indica along with the wakefulness of Sativa for anytime use.

Best Medical Cannabis Seeds For Home Growing

Medical Marijuana Strains

Medical marijuana can be a great resource for those suffering from a variety of different conditions. For many health ailments, it can offer the only source of relief. For the beginner who has never used cannabis or grown medical seeds before, the world of medical marijuana can initially seem overwhelming in all its variety. This guide will help you to choose the right strain of medical marijuana seeds for you. A basic understanding of the differences between strains can go a long way toward ensuring that you select one with the right properties to alleviate your specific symptoms.

When it comes to a strain’s effectiveness in treating your health concern, cannabinoids are of the utmost importance. The two main options for cannabinoids are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabinol), with THC being the vastly more common type. A typical strain of medical cannabis may contain 15-20% THC while having only 1% CBD or less. THC tends to bind to neuro receptors in the brain, while CBD can affect receptors throughout the body. As a general rule, indica strains have high THC levels, and sativa strains have a high CBD level. The type you choose will depend largely on the symptoms you wish to treat.

Some of the unique effects of sativa strains include a mild hallucinogenic feeling, a sense of uplifting, and a boost in energy. For these reasons, sativa strains are best for use during the day. It can help ward off depression and increase the user’s focus and creativity. Sativa strains promote a feeling of well-being that puts people at their ease.

By contrast, indica strains are largely considered to be calming and relaxing, making them a great choice for nighttime use. It is very effective in treating several types of pain, including muscle soreness or migraine headaches. It can also relieve insomnia, stress, nausea anxiety, some seizures, and muscle spasms that come with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. Indica strains are effective against a wide variety of health problems and are often the preferred choice of those battling cancer, HIV, or glaucoma.

There are many different hybrid strains available that offer the best of both worlds. They are available in both indica-dominant and sativa-dominant varieties, as well as fairly even splits. Hybrid strain users can have the pain relieving effects of Indica along with the wakefulness of Sativa for anytime use.

The effectiveness of medical marijuana does not come only from its cannabinoid levels and strain type- it also depends a lot on how it is being consumed. Results differ when users smoke the marijuana, consume it through edibles, or use vaporizers. To better understand what works for you and your condition, try out 3 to 4 strains using different methods, and keep a journal of what you took when, how much and how, and how you felt afterwards. These journal entries can be a great help to you, your doctor, and your medical marijuana provider in finding your most effective dose.

#14 Supreme CBD Kush

This strain is another medical marijuana strain that is really quite similar to the Supreme CBD Durban strain. It too features a one to one ratio of CBD and THC that ups the medicinal benefits while minimizing the recreational effects.

Supreme CBD Kush has 9.5% CBD and THC, making it more potent than the other medicinal strains we’ve seen so far. This produces a strong, long lasting effect of relaxation throughout the body.
These plants thrive with the SCROG growing method and produce a very high yield from tall plants. This is a strain that is best cultivated by experienced growers, as it can be difficult to grow and produce many challenges.
For one, the potential for stretching in the plant that necessitates the pregrowth period being strictly limited.
Supreme CBD Kush, with proper care, will flower in about 75 to 85 days from planting, with a flowering period of 10 to 12 weeks.