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Below are some of the posts archived by Vic.

BC Growers Association Archive

About BCG Association

This association is to bring together those that share similar interests in the cultivation of herbs. Members may be hobby or comercial growers of British Columbia, Canada. This association’s main purpose is to facillitate the sharing of ideas, resources, and knowledge. It is hoped that we can work together to to breed better plants while preserving existing genotypes.


Seeds – developed by BCGA or at least offered by BCGA


    This is an open discussion to discuss growing methods in general. We try to leave the beginner topics to those other message boards with beginner sections.

    BCGA Help Desk & Customer Support – this is a great place for those beginner questions and to get additional info on the BCGA seedline.

BCGA Message Board – this place is pretty dead now, better to go to the help desk above.
Note: The bcga message board went when the bcga site finally went down on the 22nd Oct 03 [Ot1].

Below are some of the posts archived by Vic.

Quick Reference:-

    These links will go to a compilation of growing tips & trials by the association. Please feel free to email us about any links that you feel would be a good addition to the page.

Breeding Notes – NEW
– What is an F1 or F2? – defining the basic terms
– Creating a True Breeding Strain – a guide to understanding inbreeding
– Colchicine – some rough notes on a breeder’s trick for mutating plants

Aquaponics – This is growing fish and plants simultaneously

Scientific papers
Journals – this is a bibliography of many scientific research papers involving Cannabis.

– Einstein Oil – spider mite control (neem oil?)
– SM-90 – Plant Disease Control
– Soil Blaster – Calcium Peroxide
– Avid – systemic mite control
– PCO Fogger – biological insect control

Grow Guides Online:-

Hemp Husbandry – by Robert A. Nelson – NEW
Marijuana Grower’s Handbook -Indoor/Greenhouse – Excerpts from Ed Rosenthal’s classic
The MJ Grower’s Guide – the direct link has been removed, but this should still point you in the right direction
Marijuana Botany – Robert Connell Clarke
Growing on Rockwool – The Highlife Company
The Rockwool Book – The Home Grow Shop

General Books of Interest
Botany Online – An excellent indepth Botany Resource – NEW


    Public Forums –

      Cannabis World Online – Canada
      The Cannabis Edge – USA
      Cannabis Culture – Vancouver, Canada – USA
      Yahooka – Europe?
      HighLife – Europe
      Cannabis Cafe
      Marijuana World – NEW
      Hash Direct – NEW The best uk bb!

Seeds: –

    These are seedbanks that are based in North America or will ship to North America. Please don’t consider this listing as an endorsement of any of the seed companies. If anyone is feeling forgotten, feel free to let me know.

CBay Seed Auction – A great place to get some of the finest creations by many dedicated (non commercial) cannabis connoisseurs

      Lyceum Pages – Entheogen Archive
      Video Clips – Media Clips
      Npkaye’s Yield o Rama
      Growing Edge – Hydroponics magazine
      Greenman’s Page – Seedbank Rating Service
      Hydro Minerals Seedbank Ratings – Seedbank Rating Service – questionable legitamacy
      Seed Select – list of seedbanks with some info on their style of business and how long they have been in business
      Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses – Hydroponics magazine
      The Farmer’s Alamac – This is a Classic
      Compute Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight For Cities & Airports Worldwide
      Miracle Farms Web Tour – An Alberta commercial greenhouse supply outlet
      Letters to Leaders – Use these tools to send your opinion by e-mail to the Canadian MP’s and MLA’s of your choice – in an instant.
    NEW – these are new to BCGA, maybe not to the internet per se.

    Breeding Status: Purebreeding
    Flowering: 45 – 55 days
    Height: 70-100 cm.
    Yield indoors: details
    Outdoors: early October
    Suggested growing skill: skilled
    Suggested Retail: $30 for 10 seeds

    BC Growers Association

    It is our philosophy that the cannabis seed industry is currently over priced. Don’t let our low prices fool you. It took some long and hard negotiating to be sure that they were available at such a reasonable rate. We do not sell direct, no exceptions . We welcome feedback on your results and comments can be left at our Help Desk which is hosted by Cannabis World

    BC Growers have put a lot of effort into bringing you some of the lost and unique treasures of past years. We look for the older genetics that do well under lower lighting intensities (30 watts/ft). With this improved efficiency in light use comes plants with added vigour and are very forgiving to grow. These older genetics also tend to have more complex highs that will continue to get you stoned bag after bag. Keeps them coming back for more, haha. With the more complex highs come more full bodied flavours. Each product tends to have a main flavour and then various levels of more subtle flavours in the background. Again, it keeps them coming back for more, haha.

    However, one of the drawbacks of using older genetics is that they are not adapted to the newer growing methods where seedlings are vegged for less than 2 months. Our genetics are designed for growers who want to find exceptional clone moms, not quick turnover of seedlings. You can get away with the shorter veg time, but risk a few female seedlings that put out a few male flowers. This has only been reported with a couple of romberry grows (out of thousands) but can be avoided by vegging the seedlings for roughly 3 months. After the plant has had a chance the mature this long, it’s followup clones can be flowered as soon after rooting as the grower desires. This only effects the immature seedling.

    We have also adopted a catagorization system to help make it easier for you to determine how much variation to expect from our seed products and their resulting offspring. Here is an explaination:

    1) PUREBREEDING – Uniform growth AND True breeding. These can include:
    – IBLs
    – Landraces

    2) UNIFORM HYBRIDS – Uniform Growth But Unstable breeding. These can include:
    – F1 hybrids
    – Cubed seedlines – Bx3 or greater

    3) VARIABLE HYBRIDS – Variable Growth AND Unstable breeding. This catagory basically catches everything that doesn’t fit into the two top catagories and can include:
    – F2, F3, etc
    – Backcrosses like Bx1, Bx2
    – casual 3 way and 4 way crosses
    – hybrids of hybrids

    Descriptions of items no longer available or in production:

    Space Queen was the only reason I invested in C99 in the first place. Ever since I heard the description of Soul’s princess I knew her and romulan would be the perfect match. Then prototype crosses between P75 and romberry started pumping out the winners that have found keeper status in many select gardens. Each of these keepers exhibit a blend of C99 and romulan characters.

    Space Queen is a romulan/C99 hybrid. Flavour and potency are can’t misses, both parents are known for their high potency and great highs. Lemon, pine, and pineapple all swirl in a pungent bouquet to tantalize your taste buds!! Roughly 50% have the romulan pine flavour dominating. Flowering time will be comparable to romberry averaging 8 weeks depending on grower and grow environment. Yield can be above average, but she won’t be a top production plant. Her growing form will range from a 50/50 sat/indi hybrid to a full blown sativa. Some of the hidden sativa that has come forth in some seedlings have been truly the most pleasant smoke I’ve experienced. I hope she puts smiles on a few faces

    Breeding Status: Variable Hybrid
    Flowering: 50 – 60 days
    Height: 100-150 cm.
    Yield indoors: above average
    Suggested growing skill: advanced
    Suggested Retail: $75 for 10 seeds

    Is a very vigorous F1 hybrid of the pure romulan female with a select blueberry male. The hybrid retained the large sticky and stinky buds of the romulan. It gained stronger stems and fruity aroma and taste from the blueberry. Colas should become larger and more frosty than romulan buds seen in Aug. 98 High Times. This one is also very easy to clone.

    Breeding Status: Uniform Hybrid
    Flowering: 55 – 60 days
    Height: 90-140 cm.
    Yield indoors: details
    Outdoors: In BC a clone planted in July produced 4 ounces high quality buds by the end of October. No sign of budrot, excellent mold resistance.
    Suggested growing skill: beginner
    Suggested Retail: $60 for 15 seeds

    This is for those looking for raw potency at all costs!! G13 is the very potent mom, and C99 as the pollen source is no slouch either, but it’s a guess how they will combine. This is a prototype release to test the waters. G13 should add to the punch, C99 should improve yield and flavour. Plus something caused the g13 clones to produce seeds smaller than I was hoping. Small like the sweet tooth suprise. Reaction to excess UV? So for these two reasons, despite the excellent genetics, I would like to keep the price down. Only enough seeds for 100 orders were sent to market.

    Breeding Status: Uniform Hybrid
    Flowering: 45 – 55 days
    Height: 70-100 cm.
    Yield indoors: moderate
    Suggested growing skill: moderate
    Suggested Retail: $60 for 12 seeds

    Beauty and the Beast

    The production growers may want to look at this one, it should be a heavy early. Chemo’s suspected polyploid nature causes it to just blast off when flowering is initiated, it’s mind blowing. Chemo bud is potent with tremendous medical benefits but lack’s character. Those suffering from insomnia and bipolar behaviour seem to gain a lot of benefit from my chemo mom. C99 improves the bud quality and the combination has improved chemo’s vigour. This strain grows as a single cola and is the best choice in our lineup for those wanting a dedicated SOG plant.

    Breeding Status: Uniform Hybrid
    Flowering: 45 – 55 days
    Height: 70-100 cm.
    Yield indoors: above average
    Suggested growing skill: moderate
    Suggested Retail: $60 for 12 seeds

    The california orange mom is THE legendary clone that sets the standard for all other california oranges to aspire towards. And it has done so for close to two decades. It’s super sweet Tang flavour and aroma is unequaled. It’s vigour is amazing and it’s ease of cloning will vastly be an improvement over the blueberry pollen source on both accounts. The blueberry pollen source speaks for itself and is described below. As with the romulan mother of Romberry, this California Orange clone does very well at low (25-30 watts/foot) light levels. Both California Orange and blueberry parents are harvested between 50 and 60 days depending on taste. Most prefer the earlier end of the spectrum for the added flavour and happier high.

    After a thorough testing, the Orange crush was found to be an extremely vigorous hybrid of blueberry dominance. These plants clone and reveg with ease. I hope you enjoy growing them as much as I did.

    Breeding status: Uniform Hybrid
    Flowering: 50 – 60 days
    Height: 90-140 cm.
    Yield indoors: moderate to exceptionally high
    Suggested growing skill: beginner
    Suggested Retail: $30 for 10 seeds

    Pink Grapefruit Cocktail

    A previous auction item and test cross, this one turned out way too nice to not repeat. I found the buds to be very nice and tight with a healthy covering of frosting that gives them exceptional bag appeal. Because of the tight nature and frosted nature of the flowers, trimming is is a breeze, just pull off the shade leaves and let dry. Grapefruit and pineapple battle for dominance in this sweet tasting blend who’s aroma in the flowering room reminds me of the pink grapefruit cocktail fruit juice. Cloning was a snap as was revegging this plant. I found them to be very uniform in my soil garden and picking the best for a clone mom was most difficult. I hope others find this as much a treat as I did.

    Breeding Status: Uniform Hybrid
    Flowering: 50 – 55 days
    Height: 70-100 cm.
    Yield indoors: moderate
    Suggested growing skill: moderate
    Suggested Retail: $60 for 12 seeds

    Because of it’s genetic stability I prefer to call this a second generation blueberry rather than an F2. Parents were purchased from Marc Emery in the winter of 1996. He told me he purchased them from Sagarmatha of Holland. They were described as being “a mostly Indica plant of superior quality. This fast maturing girl produces large, crystallized buds with natural occurring blueish hues. The berry taste is unmistakable and very pleasurable on the palate.” This is a bud for those enjoying quality without being knocked out.

    Over time, blueberry’s phenotype has changed from it’s original release. The newer phenotype has wider lighter green leaves. Our BCGA version retains the original deeper green thin leaf phenotype that put blueberry on the map. Being a copy of the original version, this blueberry is exceptional breeding material that brings unsurpassed hybrid vigour and powdery mildew resistance to it’s offspring. Anyone interested in making blueberry hybrids should make this their first choice for their blueberry.

    Growers should expect some of the seedlings to start out twisted and variegated as this is a normal trait for this variety. Most seedlings out grow this as they mature. This pure version of blueberry is not the best choice for those looking for a blueberry production plant. The best blueberry production plants are blueberry hybrids such as Orange Crush.

    Breeding Status: Purebreeding
    Flowering: 45 – 55 days
    Height: 70-100 cm.
    Yield indoors: details
    Outdoors: early October
    Suggested growing skill: skilled
    Suggested Retail: $30 for 10 seeds

    Auction Items

    Grapefruit x Blueberry

    The grapefruit/blueberry hybrid will not be a regular BCGA item. It is just a cross to share with others. Any funds generated will be donated to a cause not yet decided on. The grapefruit clone mom is the matriarch of many outstanding seedlines such as sweet pink grapefruit, sweet tooth, mikado, cotton candy, and the list goes on. Buds from this clone are what won an informal but star laden BC minicup a couple summers ago. The grapefruit blueberry combo is a proven winner with the Sweet Tooth line. The blueberry pollen source is the BCGA version of blueberry. A very limited number will get to sample this one.

    Both parents are fast in the flower room and should be harvested between 45 and 55 days depending on personal tastes. Buds will be a sweetly aromatic combination of blueberry and grapefruit. Although there is much indica (afghani) influence in both parents, they both have very uplifting highs reminiscent of their suspected thai ancestry. Creating and selecting from the F2s of these seeds should keep a connoisseur grower satisfied for decades 😉

    This is a prototype release of the BCGA version of the popular Sweet Tooth. Grapefruit has an excess of sickly sweet pink grapefruit flavour and an unbeatable and powerful indica sativa combination in the potency department. The cured buds simply can’t be beat. The only downside is that grapefruit only performs efficiently in a few environments, it need more vigour to be suitable to more growers. Therefore, using the unique BCGA blueberry genetics, we crossed select blueberry males with the legendary grapefruit clone. We selected the best of these hybrid males and bred them back to the grapefruit clone to create the first backcross. By backcrossing once we exposed more of the desired grapefruit traits while maintaining the vigour provided by the blueberry.

    I am getting ready to test this test cross and am looking for feedback from other growers growing under a wide range of environments. Therefore I’m going to initially release 10 lots of 15 seeds each to the auction. Using these auction lots, we are also going to test out some changes to the way BCGA genetics are packaged and shipped. There is the possibility that a second set of 10 lots will be released.

    flowering period: 7-8 weeks
    seeds: 15

    Descriptions of items no longer available or in production

    This isn’t really a BCGA strain. It is a hybrid that a friend donated to help raise some cash for the legal problems of another friend. He is a UK grower who likes his sativas, and crossed one of his best (ES) with a blueberry male. ES was made about 24 years ago between some Nigerian brought back from Africa and an early version of skunk No. 1 sent from California. Es is the strongest thing he has and says “often causing a complete white out, its like a roller coaster ride”. He grew out the ESB and romberry side by side, here was his comments to me ” If and when you grow out some es blue, early ones finish in about 50 to 55 days strength similar to the better Romberry’s (5.5/10) I grew but more up. I have had the odd early ESB go hermy as a warning. The later ones take 65 to 70 days and are much much stronger (8/10) but with a very happy stone” They all taste nice the late ones have a lot more up reminiscent of the Nigerian in its past, it lasts for a good long while and has e

    Yield the overall plant average was 43.25 g or 86.5 per sq ft @ 50w/ft
    Availability: this is a one shot deal, no plans to restock.
    Suggested Retail: $30 for 10 seeds

    The suprises

    ************ The suprises are now sold out at bcga and they will hopefully be discontinued, barring any future suprises, hehe. Thanks everyone for the incredible support with these. I wasn’t going to offer them, but after all the positive “suprise” feedback, I’m glad I got talked into it. Thanks again!! ********************

    I have a small breeding room and then a larger production sinse flowering room. What I usually do is start flowering in the production room and then conduct pollination and seed set in the breeding room for 2 weeks. I then destroy the males and mist down the pregnant girls to kill any lingering pollen. Next, I move the pregnant girls to the production room to finish maturing the seeds. Well somehow the sinse crop got mildly seeded. All I can figure is that the air pressures changed and pollen from my veg and/or breeding room escaped into the production flower room. This means that I cannot guarantee who pollenated who and therefore not guarantee the outcome of the resulting seeds. What I can say is none of the seeds were the result of hermies (1 minor exception) and that all the pollen donors were present because I wanted to use them in breeding. This is with the exception of the peruvian sativa which I was testing out for Heavan’s Stairway and I wasn’t suposed to use in breeding (not mine to use).

    The males who shed pollen during this period were:

    blueberry (BCGA)
    romberry (BCGA)
    durban poison (dutch passion via Amsterdam cafe in Vancouver)
    peruvian sativa (heavan’s stairway)
    Sweet Tooth (Spice of Life via Bongblaster)
    Romulan Strawberry Blonde (Spice of Life via Bongblaster)
    Princess 75 (MrSoul via friend on internet)**

    ** this was the minor hermie exception and wasn’t a real hermie or a major pollen contributor. It’s genes will only be found in a few romulan suprise seeds. It was the result of a challange that the princess line was not capable of sex reversal. I threw everything I had (GA, ozone, light, and drought stresses) at 4 seperate clones and finally one switched shedding a little viable pollen. As I’m the only one to document sex reversal in the princess/cinderella line I don’t feel there is anything to worry about here.

    Well as a result of all this I have a series of limited edition suprise seeds to offer. I expect much variation but all seeds were from excellent genetics so there should be many excellent plants to choose from. With each description I can only describe the mothers. These suprises would all be far better choices for beginning budget minded growers than the above blueberry.

    Romulan Suprise – The same mom that was used to make romberry. A proven winner that produces a very high end stinky bud in 10 weeks. This is an original pure romulan that is true breeding. Therfore, I expect this batch of suprises to be the best of the lot to choose from if your looking for yield and potency at the expense of a little longer flower time. Suggested Retail: 10 for $30

    Romberry suprise – Description for romberry is above. About half of these are from the production leader RBL-4 which is the heaviest yielder of more than 200 romberry seedlings flowered to date. For those who have yield as a primary concern, this should be the better choice of the suprises. Suggested Retail: 20 for $30

    Sweet Tooth suprise – Well I was really impressed with these Spice of Life genetics. Unfortanately, because of the heavy seed set I wasn’t able to fairly rate the buds against the other keepers in the garden and will have to wait until I’m finished a second crop curently under way. I do have the grapefruit mother clone from which sweet tooth (.75grapefruit) was derived and it is a proven winner that produces high end buds in about seven weeks. Grapefruit won last summer’s BC mini cup, beating out romulan. From the looks of the sweet tooth buds, this should be the lowest yielder of the suprises but be amongst the more potent. Suggested Retail: 20 for $30

    Romulan/Strawberry Blonde suprise – Well, sweet tooth impressed me but this bunch is by far the best seeds that I’ve ever purchased. They were vigourous, healthy, and more uniform than I expected considering the parentage. They were also fairly impressive yield wise, producing large heavily crystallized fruity smelling buds. From the shorter flowering time, heavy crystallization, and persoanl knowledge of Vancouver’s romulan source, I suspect that the romulan grandparent was actually a romulan/white widow hybrid that flowered in eight weeks. Some very excellent genetics in this mix. Suggested Retail: 20 for $30

    Durban Poison suprise – well this is a tough one. In my low light garden, this plant produced tastey but unimpressive medium potency buds. It also looks more like an indica than a sativa. However, I handed out clones to others growing under more conventional lighting (40-60 watts/ft) and they were very impressed with it overall. They figured that the spicy flavour made it a natural christmas crop. Also, many outdoor growers of this plant have also had only good things to say about it. So if your growing under the big light or lots of watts, this may be an interesting one to play with. Suggested Retail: 20 for $30

    The suprises are now sold out at bcga and they will hopefully be discontinued, barring any future suprises, hehe. Thanks everyone for the incredible support with these. I wasn’t going to offer them, but after all the positive “suprise” feedback, I’m glad I got talked into it. Thanks again!!