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bakerstreet seeds

How do I use this safely?

Bakerstreet Seeds

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The Bakerstreet cultivar is an indica-dominant THC strain. The Bakerstreet phenotype was specially selected for its compact bud and plant structure. The kush genetics of this variety are thought to trace back to the high-altitude mountains of South Asia. Tweed Seeds are produced using a modern plant-breeding technique ensuring that nearly all seeds are genetically female, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Please note that growing conditions influence bud structure as well as cannabinoid and terpene content, as do other factors such as harvest timing.

Plant Type Indica Dominant
Product > Seeds
Terpenes Alpha Pinene,,
Allergens None
Brands Tweed
Province Ontario
Organic No
Growing Methods N/A
Dried Equivalency 4 g
SKU 50508
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How do I use this safely?

When consuming Cannabis, it’s common to use one of the following methods listed here.

Chemical Formula of Product:

Tweed Bakerstreet Seeds

Strain Name: Tweed Bakerstreet Seeds
Strain Type: Indica

THC Maximum: tbd
THCA: tbd
THC: 24%
CBD Maximum: tbd
CBDA: tbd
CBD: tbd
Linalool: tbd
B-Myrcene: tbd
a-Pinene: tbd
D-Limonene: tbd
B-Caryophyllene: tbd

Tested On: tbd
Tested By: Tweed Main Street

Tweed Bakerstreet seeds allow individuals to grow their own plants at home (where law permits).

Tweed Bakerstreet seeds allow individuals to grow their own plants at home (where law permits). While the dry flower version offered by Tweed contains 15 to 24% THC, home growth is unpredictable. Consequently, Tweed cannot determine the exact results. To comply with current laws, each bag contains four seeds – reflecting the four plant limit as set by Canadian federal and provincial laws. Not all provinces allow for home cannabis growth. To avoid legal complications, users should confirm that their province allows home cultivation. Some provinces also allow landlords to ban tenants from growing marijuana on their property. Individuals living under lease agreements should confirm that their landlords have not set such limitations. Users report an “earthy,” citrusy, sweet flavour.

Chemical Formula of Product:

Benefits of product:

Bakerstreet’s effects are primarily sedative. This should hardly come as a surprise, considering its high THC potential and genetics. It is, however, uplifting in terms of mood-enhancement. Although reportedly a bit harsh on the lungs, users report an overall pleasant experience that is both relaxing and socially motivating.

Individuals state that Bakerstreet helps tremendously with relaxation, while triggering feelings of happiness. Some find that it makes them more talkative, encouraging them to socialize in spite of its strong potential for intoxication.

No terpene profile is currently listed for this product.

Side effects of product:

Burning lungs
Bad taste

Bakerstreet is made from a proprietary indica strain. Although Tweed does not reveal anything about its specific breeder or lineage, it nonetheless received significant recognition.

Bakerstreet was a finalist in the Top Indica Flower category at the 2016 Cannabis Cup, ultimately winning that award in 2018.

Tweed Main Street is a licensed Canadian medical cannabis producer and distributor. They successfully operate 655,000 square feet of production room, spread among five different locations.
To date, they have fulfilled almost 300,000 orders totalling seven million grams of cannabis.
They are also proud to state that they have not had any product recalls, owing it mainly to having 38 staff dedicated to quality control alone. They ensure that the product is controlled throughout production, in order ensure quality, purity and consistency.