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Astral Works
by Pruf Cultivar |10% CBD, 5.60% THC

Willamette Week

Wesley’s Wish
by East Fork Cultivars | 12.4% CBD, 4.11% THC

ACDC, Ringo’s Gift, Pineapple Jaeger—no matter which route you take to unwind, all roads lead to East Fork, a titan producer of some of Oregon’s finest sun-grown CBD cultivars. An East Fork original, Wesley’s Wish (Purple Hindu Kush x Pineapple Tsu) is the farm’s flagship chemovar, named after East Fork founders Aaron and Nathan Howard’s late brother. To the eye and nose, it’s described as a “happily weathered, grape sorbet and emerald-hued flower that smells like cherry cough syrup served in an overripe orange.” Inhale and experience sweet, earthy herbaceousness, with a soft, elegant finish and uplifting, clear-headed, feel-good vibes.

Where to buy: Jayne

Lite Me Up
by Bull Run Craft Cannabis | 14.28% CBD, 7.08% THC

Lite Me Up is a 2-to-1 CBD-THC juggernaut that burns bright in every sense of the word—which is ironic, given that light deprivation is among Sandy farm Bull Run’s organic indoor cultivation methods. This hybrid—a cross of Durban Poison and an unknown CBD cultivar—stood out as a collective favorite among Cultivation Classic judges at last year’s competition. Colorful, compact and trimmed with delicate precision, with musky, citrusy notes, Lite Me Up flower looks good on the outside and provides a focused, mellow, fun and functional euphoria on the inside.

Where to buy: Farma, Jayne, Parlour, Urban Farmacy

by Yerba Buena | CBD 22.15%, THC 1.01%

She’s everything you want. She’s everything you need. She’s Corazon, popped with love, from a little seed. This Charlotte’s Web and ACDC cross was unveiled as the highest-testing CBD chemovar in the state of Oregon in 2017. Hover your nose over a bountiful jar of this Cultivation Classic award-winning beauty and breathe in the sweet, spicy, evergreen aroma indicative of leading terpenes myrcene, beta-caryophyllene and pinene. Ideal for THC-sensitive users seeking relief from pain, Corazon will make your mind, body and, of course, your heart sing.

Where to buy: Bridge City Collective, Electric Lettuce, Jayne

Astral Works
by Pruf Cultivar |10% CBD, 5.60% THC

With its mango-scented, floral bouquet, Astral Works is a standout among other fine mixed-ratio chemovars, which is why it’s so easy to find in flower, edibles and vape options. Derived from Harle Tsu and TH1, it’s loaded with CBDV, a cannabinoid similar in structure to CBD that’s said to help relieve nausea, tension and stress in addition to providing quiet, calm jubilation. Take time out to wake and bake, speak an affirmation, reset your mind and uplift your mood courtesy of Pruf Cultivar.

Where to buy: Electric Lettuce, Farma, Kush Cart, Serra

El Corazon de Piña
by East Fork Cultivars and Yerba Buena | 13.2% CBD, 6.4% THC

Spring into warm weather and passion projects with focus and euphoria with a little help from El Corazon de Piña (or Pineapple Heart). This Pineapple Tsunami cross is the culmination of a years-in-the-making breeding collaboration between friends East Fork Cultivars and Yerba Buena. This peppery, tropical-smelling rarity is bursting with terpenes, and has a high 2-to-1 CBD-to-THC profile. Want to try it? Get it while the getting is good: It’s exclusively at TJ’s on Powell, and only 4 pounds of it were produced.

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Astral Seed


Level: Shaper 8
Display: Material; see text
Manifesting Time: 10 minutes
Range: 0 ft.
Effect: One storage crystal
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Power Resistance: No
Power Points: 15

This power weaves strands of astral ectoplasm into a crystal containing the seed of your living mind (hardness 1 and 1 hit point). You can have only one astral seed in existence at any one time. Until such time as you perish, the astral seed (also called the storage crystal) is utterly inert. If you are slain at some later date, your soul transfers into the storage crystal, which begins to dimly glow.

Upon transference, your physical remains (should they still exist) become inert matter and cannot thereafter be restored to life. The transfer from the slain body to the astral seed works over any distance, physical or extradimensional.

Once your body’s physical demise activates the storage crystal, you have the abilities of a psicrystal of the appropriate level, plus all the powers you knew and the maximum power points you possessed when astral seed was manifested—but you also have a negative level that cannot be healed and that does not convert to real level loss in your current crystalline form. You have thirty days to grow an organic body, after which time your sentience fades and your soul passes on if it hasn’t entered a new body.

To grow a body, you (in the storage crystal) must spend ten days in uninterrupted solitude. The body’s constituent parts are pulled as ectoplasm from the Astral Plane, then slowly molded and transformed into a living, breathing body that is an exact duplicate of your body at the time you manifested astral seed (the crystal itself breaks down and becomes a part of the new organic body). When the tenth day ends, you completely and totally inhabit the new body. You possess all the abilities you possessed when astral seed was manifested, at one level lower, but you have none of your equipment.

If the body is struck for any amount of damage during the ten-day period when it is growing, it is destroyed and your soul passes on.

Conceivably, you could manifest mind switch to utilize a temporary body, but only an evil creature would smash his own temporarily empty storage crystal to permanently usurp a subject’s organic body (unless the subject is itself irredeemably evil).

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