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american cannabis seeds

American cannabis seeds
The most popular Kush strain known to mankind has been developed on the West Coast in California, where the surfer and hip-hop culture strongly influenced the cannabis strains we consume. This famous strain is called OG Kush. The abbreviation “OG” stands for “Ocean Grown” and not for “Original Gangster”, but it’s definitely a gangster in the way it dominates over other strains on the market.

American Cannabis Strains

The US is the location where many superb cannabis strains have been developed. Click here, and check out some amazing US varieties.

Today we can find thousands of cannabis strains occupying the assortment of various seedbanks. Thousands of eclectic hybrids can be encountered in various coffeeshops and dispensaries. Here we present the story of various American cannabis strains that heavily influenced today’s cannabis culture. You can expect amazing strains that develop potent and heavy buds to be mentioned throughout this blog.

Let’s begin with the story of US cannabis strains.

The History Of US Cannabis Strains

Cannabis has entered the US several centuries ago. Hemp was used for fiber to produce ropes and textiles, and George Washington used it for medicinal purposes. After the Marihuana Tax Act was passed in 1937, making marijuana illegal, cannabis strains went underground.

Cannabis strains, as we know them today, appeared during the 70s. After cannabis was allowed to be sold in Amsterdam during the 70s, American breeders were inspired by their breeding techniques which were very innovative at the time. Since the 90s, the US has been legalizing the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, which catalyzed the selection and stabilization of hybrids, which in turn resulted in some of the strongest cannabis varieties known to mankind. Here we’ll mention some essential American strains that have gained a legendary status amongst cannabis connoisseurs.

American Kush

Kush varieties are indica dominant strains that originate from the Hindu Kush area of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India. These varieties thrived in the Asian continent for thousands of years. During the 60s and 70s, American hippies traveled there and brought back with them superb Kush seeds. They began selecting and hybridizing these Kush varieties over several decades.

The most popular Kush strain known to mankind has been developed on the West Coast in California, where the surfer and hip-hop culture strongly influenced the cannabis strains we consume. This famous strain is called OG Kush. The abbreviation “OG” stands for “Ocean Grown” and not for “Original Gangster”, but it’s definitely a gangster in the way it dominates over other strains on the market.

San Fernando Lemon Kush® (SWS62) is an amazing strain that inherited the potent and lemony essence of OG Kush. You can also check out Indigo Berry Kush® (SWS63) and Killer Kush Auto® (SWS56), both very delicious and aromatic Kush varieties.

There are thousands of different strains that have the “Kush” stamp printed in their name. To celebrate the indica strains that brought us couch-locking, relaxing, blissful, and peaceful sensations throughout the decades, embrace these American Kush varieties.

American Haze

During the hippie era in California, the Haze varieties were bred into existence.

The legend goes that two brothers, called the “Haze brothers”, were hunting for the best sativa varieties around the world. They got hold of seeds from Mexico, Colombia, India, Cambodia, and various other destinations to develop a sativa dominant perfection. Once their stabilized and selected hybrids were constructed, these strains were coined as “Haze” after their creators.

When the breeders in Amsterdam got hold of some of these amazing varieties, popular seedbanks began spreading the Haze magic of California to all cannabis aficionados. Since Amsterdam had an enormous influence on the strains we consume today, especially during the late 20th century, the American Haze varieties have cemented their name on the market. Some of the most legendary Haze varieties are Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze, and Lemon Haze.

Sweet Seeds® has launched this year 2018 Sweet Amnesia Haze ® (SWS72) which is also available in your autoflowering version of the already known Blow Mind Auto® (SWS57)

American Diesel

There’s a fascinating story behind the creation of the infamous Diesel strains.

A guy called Chemdog went to a Grateful Dead concert in 1991. He bought some weed from two guys called P-bud and Joebrand. They sold him a bag of weed for $500 which he thought was absolutely amazing. Chemdog decided to purchase some more when he got back to the East Coast, so he had two bags shipped from Colorado. Once he received the package, in one of the two bags he found 13 seeds, from which he developed the famous Chemdog cannabis varieties.

In 1994, Chemdog’s friend “AJ” also known as “Asshole Joe”, grew the Chemdog 91′ strain which was accidentally pollinated by another cannabis strain in Staten Island. That’s how the famous NYC Diesel came into existence, representing the Big Apple.

An amazing Diesel variety to include in one’s cannabis garden is Chem Beyond Diesel C.B.D.® (SWS66), not only does it have that classic Diesel power but also delivers a solid amount of CBD. Another strain of ours developed from the NYC Diesel lineage is Ice Cool® (SWS06) a sativa dominant plant that looks and feels like a million bucks.

Super Strong US Varieties

The US has a culture of the “biggest and the strongest”. This mindset has developed some of the most powerful strains in the world.

One of these varieties is Gorilla Glue. This strain has gained momentum in the recent years. It normally develops more than 25% of THC which is extremely potent. Another American classic is the Girl Scout Cookies strain, that also produces insane amounts of THC.

We have developed Gorilla Girl® (SWS74), which is a hybrid of these two strains to provide the world with a superb powerhouse variety.

Sweet Seeds® have developed a hybrid of these two strains (Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookies) our Gorilla Girl® (SWS74). It is a variety of very powerful effect, with very high levels of THC that under optimal growing conditions reach between 20-25% . Some specimens may even exceed these levels.

Another famous American strain is Trainwreck, which we have selected, stabilized and coined as Sweet Trainwreck Auto (SWS47), which is an autoflower that develops up to 20% THC.

The most famous strain in Alaska is a strain called Alaska Thunderfuck, the pride and joy of this northern state which was developed in the Matanuska region.

US Strains Shall Persevere

With the wave of marijuana legalization taking place throughout the US, we can expect hundreds of different hybrids to appear on the shelves of various dispensaries.

Since the CBD-craze is peaking, many breeders are incorporating this cannabinoid into their strains. With the technology and cannabis culture that the US possesses, we can expect the country to further innovate the cannabis strains, making America great again.

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