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alien banner dawg seeds

Alien banner dawg seeds
Awesome bud, great smoking not harsh but strong herb that relaxes me to the point of sleeping well due to my nite mares

Alien banner dawg seeds

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Awesome bud, great smoking not harsh but strong herb that relaxes me to the point of sleeping well due to my nite mares

This is one of my favorites that Go Green has. It has an uplifting, creative and energetic sativa high with enough traces of indica to provide a relaxing body high. The buds are on the dense and sticky side rather than light and fluffy. Tastes great too.

It was great could have had a bit more kick but it was awsome

This is for a hybrid of bruce banner. Wish I could find bruce banner at our medical dispensary. Anyways this is for bruce banner x lemon alien OG ( but i assume lemon alien dawg). This hybrid is called INCREDIBLE LEMON. Dense nugs. Not terribly frosty but enough to cause suspicion of medical worth. The flower smells like lemon- possibly light berry. Hard to explain..for sure, and hints of ammonia/ gasoline. And definitely earthy. Vaped in a vax mini it started working within seconds. Absolutely smashed with euphoria. Really easy on the head, wiped out my migraine maybe within 15-20 min after vaping. Its pain relief properties are top notch. Within a half hour the indica sides slap you especially hard. big grin and you may stumble upstairs to bed lol. This is a 24% batch I tried, and the earthy notes are hard .tastes like peat. ever have peat monster scotch? This tastes like that. the peat part. This 24 % feels like way more. Not to say the testing is off but the Terps really shine. Really want plain bruce banner to compare. I give it a 9.25 out of 10.

Connoisseur Genetics
Casey cookies – (Casey Jones x Girl Scout Cookies)
Girl Scout Cookie Mix

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Alien Genetics
Crash Helmet – (SoCal Master Kush x Tahoe Alien)
Alien Grenades – (Sweet & Sour Diesel x Tahoe Alien)
Lemon Alien Dawg – (Alien Dawg F1 x Lemon Kush)

Connoisseur Genetics
Casey cookies – (Casey Jones x Girl Scout Cookies)
Girl Scout Cookie Mix

Golden lion Genetics
Sour Patch Kush – (Sour Diesel x Very Berry Kush)
Golden Gate Kush – (Golden Goat x Very Berry Kush)
Malila- (Salmon Creek Big Bud x Crystal Ship)
Cherry Picker – (Cherry Pie x Crystal Ship)
Chem Berry Kix- (Chemdawg Sister x Very Berry Kush)
Lizard King OG – (OG Kush x Banana Split OG)
Lemon cookies – (Girl Scout Cookies x Dubking)

Pisces Genetics
Nor’easter x Chemdawg 91
Blush – (Pure Kush x Blueberry)
Polaris – (Chemdawg 91 x Deathstar)
Romulan Dawg – (Chemdawg D x Romulan)
MK 91 – (SoCal Master Kush x Chemdawg 91)
Truth Serum – (True OG Kush x Deathstar)
SoCal Master Kush S1
Vics High – (Killer Queen x Space Queen)
Colombian D – (Chemdawg D x Colombian Gold)
Valley Dawg – (SFV OG Kush x Chemdawg 91)
Bubonic Kush – (Socal Master Kush x Blubonic)
Killer Haze – (Killer Queen x Super Silver Haze)

Seed junkie Seeds
Flare Kush – (Fire OG x Animal Mints)

Aligee Seeds
Sour OG – (True OG x Sour Bubble Bx)
Sour Firedog – (FireDog x Sour Bubble bx)
Sour Chem – (Chemdawg x Sour Bubble bx)
Sour SnowD – (Snowdawg x Sour Bubble bx)
Sour Wifey – (OG Kush White Fire#1 x Sour Bubble Bx)
Aligee Cookies – (Girl Scout Cookies x Sour Bubble bx)
Sour TWreck – (Arcata Trainwreck x Sour bubble bx)

Bog Seeds
Sour Bubble
Blue Kush
Sour Boggle
Sour Lifesaver

Greenpoint Seeds
Sour Diesel x Polar Bear OG
Bruce Banner #3 x Polarbear OG
Girl Scout Cookies x Polar Bear OG
Black Lab F2 x Polar Bear OG
Gorilla Glue #4 x Polarbear OG
White Master Kush x Polar Bear OG
White Master Kush x Monster Cookies
Super Sour Fire OG x Monster Cookies
Kosher Alienz x Monster Cookies
Gorilla Grape Gush x Monster Cookies
Green Crack x Stardawg
Yeti OG F3 x Stardawg

Raredankness Seeds
Purple Haze #1 – (Purple Indica X Nevil’s Wreck)
Diesel Wreck – (East Coast Sour Diesel X Nevil’s Wreck)
Pinapple Hashplant – (HashPlant 13 x Afghani #1 IBL)

Exotic Genetics
Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien – (Tigers Milk x Starfighter)
Blue Angels – (OG BlueBerry Cut x Starfighter)
Blue Lavender – (Proprietary Blueberry Cut x Lavender) 3
Flight – (The Flav x StarFighter)
Kimbo Kush (Blackberry Kush x Starfighter F2 TA)
After Life OG (Ghostrider OG x Starfighter F2 TA)
Elusive OG – (Secret OG x Green Ribbon BX)
Dark Side of The Moon – (Spirit In The Sky x Green Ribbon BX)
Christmas Cookies – (Cookies & Cream #13 x Green Ribbon BX)
Adonis – (The White x Green Ribbon BX)
Chocolate Covered Strawberries – (Fire Alien Black x Starfighter F2)
Walter White – (The White x Mr. White)
Light Saber – (Starfighter F1 x Predator Pink)
Lime Skunk – (Lemon Skunk x Green Ribbon BX)
Platinum Ribbon – (Platinum OG x Green Ribbon BX)

Motarebel Seeds
Double kush – (Bubba Kush x G-13/HP)
Apollo 13 f4
Valley Ghash

Divine Genetics
Hells Angels OG Kush x Girl Scout Cookies
Sour Diesel x Girl Scout Cookies
Blueberry x Snowdawg
Chemdawg D x Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies S1
Chemdawg Sister s1
Bubba Kush x Girl Scout Cookies
Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies
True OG x Girl Scout Cookies
Chemdawg Sister x Snowdawg