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ak 47 weed seeds for sale

We offer the following payment methods to all our customers:

Ak 47 weed seeds for sale

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What you can expect from us regarding payment, shipping and the delivery guarantee.

We do our utmost to deliver your order as fast as possible, with free shipping world wide, discreetly packaged and a guaranteed delivery.

Free shipping – We ship your order to Russia for free.

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Delivery time – You can expect your order within 5 to 15 business days on average.

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We offer the following payment methods to all our customers:

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These weeds seeds are a great alternative for AK 47 feminized seeds

hi! I grew AK47 about a month ago with grain, bushiness is very good, but the height of 30 cm, how to understand how much the Bush will stretch out in color? Space from floor to LEd lamps not more than 120cm, when translated into colour?

AK-47 Strain Feminized Seeds (10 Seeds)

A Classic Pot Strain

AK-47 seeds are medium to grow but produce very potent amazing buds in a short period of time. The AK-47 strain combines the best traits from both Indica and Sativa to deliver a long-lasting cerebral buzz and mellow high. It has a sweet, floral taste and an earthy, yet tangy scent.

The AK-47 weed strain is the result of extensive research and experimenting by Serious Seeds. AK-47 seeds are parented by strains coming from Mexico, Thailand, Afghanistan, and Colombia, resulting in a sativa-dominant hybrid.
This great strain was named AK-47 because of its high THC levels that “blow your mind” in a similar way to the powerful rifle with the same name.
Even though its THC levels were considered too high at the time, AK-47 still managed to gain huge popularity and maintain it to this day. In fact, due to its outstanding flavor profile, good blend, and adaptability, it has won countless awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup.


Flavors Floral

Oak Flavor power Medium Flowering Short (7-9 wks) Height Average THC level Average to high (18-24%) CBD level Low (1%) Climate Mediterranean Feminized Yes Grow Difficulty Medium Medical Yes Yield High (500 g/m 2 ) Cultivate Indoor/Outdoor Genotype 65% Sativa/35% Indica/0% Ruderalis


The AK-47 plant is of medium height and produces around 500 grams for every square meter. For a sativa strain, it has a short flowering period and yields quite quickly, especially when grown in a controlled environment.
The plant is also very adaptable, making it great for both indoor and outdoor growing. Indoors it can grow around 35 inches, and outdoors, it goes up to 80 inches.

What makes the AK-47 seeds such a popular choice for marijuana growers is the average flowering time of about 60 days. To maximize yields, you can grow it in a SOG method, but you can also expect great results in the soil, coco, and hydro.

Overall the AK-47 feminized seeds are fairly easy to grow and can be found at our shop for sale. If you’re looking to buy AK-47 seeds and grow them, it’s best to do it in a location where smell won’t be an issue, as they have an extremely strong odor.

Character & Flavor

The AK-47 sativa strain has dense buds with a vivid lime color and orange pistils that curl between the sugar leaves. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it doesn’t have a thick layer of trichomes like newer strains have, it is still very potent.

As for the taste, you can expect a complex mixture of flavors and aromas that entices and refreshes at the same time. The flavor profile hits your taste buds hard and varies from sweet and earthy sensations to hints of wood.

Medicinal Application

AK-47 consists of 65% sativa, which means they have medical benefits as well. The AK-47 strain offers great therapeutical benefits to people who deal with a lot of stress or suffer from anxiety and other mood disorders. It can also relieve different types of physical pain, including chronic pain and chemotherapy nausea.

Many people who suffer from insomnia also use the AK-47 strain thanks to its combination of relaxing and mood-improvement effects.

To enjoy the medical benefits of this strain, you can buy AK-47 weed seeds at our shop and grow your own cannabis tree.


Other than possibly leaving you in a “couch lock” state, the AK-47 strain does not have any significant side effects. Even though most people want to feel energized while smoking, couch lock can be great for resting when you’re sick and adjusting your irregular sleep cycles.

The most frequently experienced negatives are dry mouth and dry eyes, but both can be easily managed and are expected when consuming any type of weed.

6 reviews for AK-47 Strain Feminized Seeds (10 Seeds)

Max Gear – December 11, 2016 :

Found these seeds again because of Dutch Seeds Shop. I highly recommend them for your seeds needs.

Samuel Smith – December 22, 2018 :

In the head fog, in the eyes of the bunnies, but the legs walk, the effect is a bit psychedelic ))) is one of the favorite varieties it’s amazing

Ruth Taylor – January 8, 2019 :

For my first outdoor grove I grew seedlings on the windowsill (Windows to the North). The plants were growing very actively, with long, thick stems, with large mugs. I was not even ready for such a rapid growth and late realized that by the time the landing they will be just giants.

Bruce Bathman – February 22, 2019 :

My first weed I’ve tried is AK47! effect blow to the back of the head with 4 deep pulls. Then covers and blows the head so psdts. It is better not to touch. Kept the hours and very hard, and then gradually let go.. after 2 hours of house in my head.. you start to think and think adequately. those who did not smoke I advise trying

Majestic – March 9, 2019 :

hi! I grew AK47 about a month ago with grain, bushiness is very good, but the height of 30 cm, how to understand how much the Bush will stretch out in color? Space from floor to LEd lamps not more than 120cm, when translated into colour?

Emma Sungale – April 30, 2019 :

Ak- 47 is a powerful strain for anxiety issues. Used it twice, results are great. The problem is that it’s hard to come by