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ace high seeds

Ace high seeds
Ace High is a mostly sativa variety from Greenpoint Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±70 days ) and outdoors . Greenpoint Seeds’ Ace High is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Ace High

breed by Greenpoint Seeds

Here you can find all info about Ace High from Greenpoint Seeds. If you are searching for information about Ace High from Greenpoint Seeds, check out our Basic Infos or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Ace High is a mostly sativa variety from Greenpoint Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±70 days ) and outdoors . Greenpoint Seeds’ Ace High is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Greenpoint Seeds’ Ace High Description

Flowering: 63 – 77 Days
Height: Medium
Area: Indoor & Outdoor
Genetics: Lemon G (Ohio cut) x Star Dawg

When you think of Ohio, whats the 1st thing to come to mind? Does cannabis come to mind? Well you should of your looking at this strain! Lemon G is one of the most famous strains out of The Mid-West along with the “Death Star” (Sensi Star x Sour Diesel) and Indiana Bubble Gum. This Lemon G strain should be renamed “Consuela” from Family Guy because the smell and taste is Lemon Pledge all the way! This is definitely the strain for all those Lemon Terpene lovers out there. Not many people have the cut, and wasn’t circulated at all really. Lemon G was hoarded by whoever had it at the time. It was a heavily guarded, well sought out strain from most people wanted at time. According to Archive Seed Bank, apparently there are 2 different cuts of Lemon G floating around. The widely circulated one is the Sativa version, which supposedly is Skunk Misty x Indica Lemon G. The growth structure of the Lemon G are incredible. Tall, stretchy, and massive looking buds, but the flowers grow pretty airy, making it look like more than it is. The growth structure of this strain isn’t why it is so popular. It’s the aroma and flavor. The smell coming off this is INCREDIBLY LOUD! Incredibly reminiscent of Lemon Pledge, and Lemon Heads Candy, with slight hints of Lemongrass, and Lemon Peels. Its an incredible Lemon overload! For concentrates, if you like the citrus terpene profile, you’ll be doing back flips for this. Because the Lemon G is incredibly dominant, if it were to be used for concentrates, alone, Lemon G is almost too overpowering. Some people mix about 10% Lemon G with other flavors, just so the lemons wont drowned-out the other flavors present in the concentrate. The effect of the Lemon G are very sativa-esque. Happy, clear-headed, focused, creative, and energetic, but not too Sativa for all those people who don’t like the paranoia, racy, speedy, borderline psychedelic strains.

When Lemon G meets Star Dawg, expect to find some impeccable phenotypes that will be hard to narrow down. The Star Dawg would fill out those loose buds on the Lemon G making them tight, but keep an eye on certain phenotypes that will want to keep stretching. It will also give the Lemon G-dominant phenotypes an acrid, sharp, pungent chemical cleaner aroma that should blend well. Make sure you use all of your super cropping techniques and definitely use a trellis to maximize on the space you have. Smell and taste should range from astringent, acrid, lemon chemical cleaner, nail polish, paint thinner, and yellow sharpie markers. You will have fun watching these grow, and watching how different some can be. The Lemon G might dominate most phenotypes, since sativa traits come through more than the Indica does in the hybrid strains, so if you find a Star Dawg-Dominant phenotype, Keep her around! The males from this cross should be worth looking into as well, so if you find a good male, try and keep it or collect pollen for future projects

Ace high seeds
A.C.E. Seeds blister packs are offered in quantities of 3 seeds.

ACE Seeds

A.C.E. Seeds is a community of cannabis breeders and connoisseurs dedicated to the study and preservation of this marvelous plant, and to help maintain and preserve its biodiversity. Furthermore, they believe in the medicinal value of cannabinoids and their therapeutic versatility.

A.C.E. Seeds’ goal is to counteract the lack of genetic diversity caused by loss of natural habitats, prohibition of research, genetic contamination, and loss of ancestral cultures. Therefore, they want to share their pure, fresh, and unique genetics from all around the world with every grower they can. A.C.E. Seeds is always good for a surprise—every now and then they come up with exceptional new stock of limited-time-only offerings.

Orient Express (ACE Seeds) feminized

Orient Express, feminized, by ACE Seeds is a predominately Sativa hybrid with a double dose of Asian genes. It is a nicely branching short plant, but if fed well, she will reward you with an insane harvest. The plants develop huge central main buds that will make your eyes pop out! The weed has an earthy flavor with floral tones and triggers a clean, communicative high.

Tikal (ACE Seeds) feminized

Tikal, feminized, by ACE Seeds is a predominately Sativa (75%) hybrid, created with genetics originating from the jungle of Guatemala and a Kush. Tikal has a good resistance to spider mites, botrytis, mildew and colder climates (like northern France) and produces a generous harvest. The buds of Tikal are dense, full of trichomes and exude an aroma of strawberries. THC level: 18-20%.

Congo (ACE Seeds) feminized

From a genetic point of view Congo is a double dose of Sativa, seasoned with a dash of Indica. Congo is well-suited for outdoor cultivation because the plants have a good resistance to lower temperatures, mildew and botrytis. The buds have a delicious smell of wild strawberry and flowers. The effect is energetic and psychedelic, perfect for creative minds.

Malawi (ACE Seeds) feminized

Malawi is a 100% pure Sativa landrace from Central Africa. This weed provides an extraordinarily powerful, intense and psychedelic high of more than 4 hours of duration. Highly recommended for die-hard and experienced smokers with a high tolerance – novices should approach this stuff with optimistic caution. Requires 11-14 weeks to reach maturity.

Golden Tiger (ACE Seeds) feminized

Golden Tiger was born when a female Malawi was paired with a male Meo Thai. The combination of these powerful Sativas makes for a plant with a great vegetative strength and exceptional potency. The flavor of the smoke is sweet and citric, somewhere between ripe lemon and ripe tangerine, seasoned with woodsy and spicy notes. 11-14 weeks flowering time.

Zamaldelica (ACE Seeds) feminized

Zamaldelica is a 100% Sativa delicacy. The guys at ACE Seeds pollinated a Zamal from La Reunion Island with a Malawi Killer and thereby created a plant with extreme vigor and excellent resin production. Zamaldelica performs great in SOG and ScrOG setups and responds very well to LST. The delicious flavor is a mix of mango, sweet carrot, apple and lemon.

Kali China (ACE Seeds) feminized

A cannabis cuisine of gastronomic splendor, Kali China from ACE Seeds is a hybrid of the highest order. This feminized phenom is an Indica-dominant diva of complexity and color. A firm favourite among inexperienced growers because of her easy manageability and highly resistant nature. Rich in aroma, Kali China fills the nostrils with a fruity scent and ignites the mind with a psychedelic buzz.

Violeta (ACE Seeds) feminized

A firm favourite among a wide spectrum of growers, ACE Seeds’ Violeta is both a beauty and a beast. Bursting with both character and color, she dazzles all those who look upon her. Created thanks to the colorful blend of Purple Malawi and Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush, Violeta emerged as a well rounded specimen that balances her Sativa and Indica genetics in equal measure.

Panama Haze (ACE Seeds) feminized

Strutting in in true super sativa splendor comes ACE Seeds’ latest feminized wonder.. Panama Haze. An amazing hybrid of premium-level distinction, she crosses Purple and Green Haze with F10 Panama Elite. A long flowering strain (13-16 weeks), she displays superb potency, resin production and yields come harvest time. Undeniably intense, she induces a hypnotic and psychedelic high. Amazing!

Tropical Mix (ACE Seeds) feminized

Missing some tropical happinness in your life? Well, your prayers have now been answered thanks to the experts at ACE Seeds. Say hello to Tropical Mix, a compilation of highly potent and highly productive tropical sativa hybrids. Boasting amazing resistant prowess and an exceptional taste/aroma, these seeds are ideal for first time growers looking to try out a long flowering specimen.

Erdpurt (ACE Seeds) feminized

ACE Seeds created Erdpurt for northern European outdoor growers. It’s a crossing of Erdbeer, a Swiss strain usually available as a clone, and Purpurea Ticinensis, another Swiss variety. Purpueara Ticinensis was stabilized at 1330m above sea level, and has an outstanding resistance to mould and cold climates. Erdpurt flowers in 7-8 weeks, and finishes by the end of August to early September.

Purple Haze x Malawi (ACE Seeds) feminized

ACE Seeds crossed Purple Haze with African genetics of New Killer Malawi. This 100% pure Sativa will finish after a flowering time of 13-15 weeks, and produces a long-lasting Haze high of the finest quality. Purple Haze x Malawi is first-rate cannabis, not only due to strong effects. The flavours ranging from blackberry liqueur to incense, exotic wood, and citrus are the purest delight!

Haze x Kali China (ACE Seeds) feminized

ACE Seeds crossed Purple Haze with Kali China and created an almost pure Sativa. This strain stretches a lot, and produces strong side branches, making it ideal to be grown in a ScrOG. The high is characterized by strong uplifting Haze effects, and gives smokers an introspective experience with psychedelic elements. The flowering time is long but worth the wait, up to 12-14 weeks.

ACE Mix (ACE Seeds) feminized

ACE Mix, feminized, by ACE Seeds is a selection of new Sativa/Indica hybrids, created in the most recent breeding projects of the ACE crew – and in this mix you might find seeds with genetics that are not available on the market yet! Let Mary Jane take you on a trip around the world – Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, China, Guatemala, Malawi, Congo, Vietnam, Thailand – and enjoy her heavenly fruit.

Nepal Jam (ACE Seeds) Feminized

From the island of Jamaica to the highlands of Nepal – this love long distance resulted in a stable 100% Sativa hybrid with distinct Asian traits. A strong and compact cannabis strain with a mom from the Nepalese highlands, this lady is highly resistant to colder climates; plus, she has a good resistance to mold, spider mites and mildew. A first class hash plant with a sweet flavor!

Panama (ACE Seeds) feminized

Panama, feminized, by ACE Seeds is – what a miracle – a strain with Panamanian genetics, namely 3 excellent Sativas: Panama ’74, Green Panama and Colombian “Punto Rojo” (Red Dot). The plants brought forth from these seeds grow up to tall plants (6+”; 180+cm) and develop big buds with pinkish-purple, reddish hues and an aroma of lemon and incense. Long lasting, strong and psychedelic high.

Bangi Haze (ACE Seeds) feminized

Bangi Haze by ACE Seeds will finish its flowering time after 9-10 weeks, and is a good choice for novices. It’s not only strain for indoor cultivation, but it will also thrive outdoors, even in colder climates. Bangi Haze has 70% Sativa genetics, and was created by hybridizing selected lineages of Congolese with genetics from the Nepal region. Strong energetic high and sweet flavours of anise!

Hokka > This rare landrace strain from the northernmost island of Japan features a unique genotype distinct from European hemp varieties. She has a fast flowering time, low cannabinoid levels, and high resistance to pests.

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Information About ACE Seeds

A.C.E. Seeds prides themselves on producing the highest quality cannabis genetics. They take the study of the plant’s genetic, medicinal, and cultural history very seriously. Biodiversity is not just important for ecological reasons; appreciating the diversity of cannabis has allowed A.C.E. Seeds to identify new and exciting combinations for growers of all experience levels. Their breeding of different landraces has produced some unique, knockout strains. Furthermore, the team at A.C.E. regularly publishes cannabinoid and terpene analyses of the seeds in their catalogue to ensure consistency and transparency. Time for you to explore the seeds on offer from breeders who care about excellence.

Packaging Ace Seeds

Seeds from the A.C.E. bank are cared for throughout every step of the process. It is vital that seeds are not damaged in transit. They must also be kept at a consistent temperature of 4ºC in order to be viable. A.C.E. Seeds is conscious of their environmental impact and the safety of the seeds. Their technological solution is a cardboard casing that keeps seeds from physical harm and moderates their temperature.

A.C.E. Seeds blister packs are offered in quantities of 3 seeds.

Ace Seeds Awards

A.C.E. Seeds also has a track record in competitive growing. Cultivation competitions are starting to emerge worldwide, and A.C.E. has been making their quality known via the numerous awards they have collected over the years. Some examples of award-winning genetics include:

Orient Express


  • 2nd place Best Sativa, Arizona Medical Cannabis Industry Awards, 2013

Vietnam Black is a very powerful sativa strain; combine it with the indica China Yunnan, and you have a really impressive hybrid called Orient Express. Combining these two classics of the Far East results in a balanced high, with genetics skewing towards sativa. Within eight to ten weeks, it will bloom with the overpowering smell of a rainforest. The subtle floral details in its rich aroma accompany an energising, euphoric high that banishes fatigue. Clear the head with a sensuous taste of the humid rainforests of Southeast Asia. Bring the experience home with a resilient strain that’s been known to grow even in cold regions of Europe.



  • 1st prize Outdoor Category, Balearic Cup, 2016

This strain was named for its unbelievable purple colour. This is the result of crossbreeding two very purple strains for this spectacular hybrid; the African sativa Malawi gives a sizzling cerebral high, while the Pakistani Chitral Kush is one of the world’s most powerful and sweetly aromatic indicas. Their effects have combined in Violeta, a 60% indica-dominant strain with a smooth, balanced high. Flavour notes excite with a balsamic aroma tinged with sweet berries and fruit. This pleasing smoke is easy to achieve with such a stable plant. Adaptable to indoor and outdoor growing, this plant will flower over just two months.