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abf genetics seeds

Abf genetics seeds
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Abf genetics seeds

monster genetics

Having had access to unique specimens of seed varieties known for their power and performance, Monster Genetics have selected a range of very special, commercial varieties that will be the order of the day with even the most demanding customers. Monster Genetics cannabis seeds are the ideal choice for all cultivators who are looking for excellence in their final products. Be prepared to take a step forward and experience the intensity of flavours and aromas in each of their quality genetics.

feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are varieties with a probability in excess of 99,99% producing female plants. Monter Genetics seeds are from high quality, stable genetics that have been subjected to a reversion process and crossed with themselves.

They also have the guarantee of our four pillars of quality: genetic excellence, batch tracking, germination control and stock renewal. Using feminised seeds eliminates the problem of selecting and removing male plants, saving time, space, money and worries.

autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds are a relatively new variety, coming from a cross between the subspecies ‘rudelaris’ with ‘cannabis sativa’ plants. The rudelaris subspecies is native to geographical areas with short summers and therefore have evolved to autoflower. In short, it’s flowering period doe not depend on the hours of light, instead it relies on the short weeks growing time from seed germination.

This genetic characteristic has made it so that marijuana seeds can be produced and grow without the need of natural light cycles, expanding the amount of annual crops and allowing the inexperienced cultivators to start producing crops.

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OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
THC: 25%
Sabor: Diesel, earthy and hints of fruit

Monster Girl Scout Cookies

OG Kush x Durban
THC: 24%
Sabor: Spices, earthy and notes of sweetness

Monster Gorilla Glue

Chem’s Sister x Chocolate Diesel
THC: 26%
Sabor: Diesel, chocolate and coffee

GDP x Critical x Somango
THC: 2I%
Sabor: Tropical fruits and berries

Grapefruit x Afghani #I x Grape Ape
THC: 24%
Sabor: Fruits and citrus

Monster Bruce Banner Auto

OG Kush x Auto Diesel XXL x Fast and vast
THC: 25%
Sabor: Diesel, earthy and sweet spicy undertones

Plant Mol Biol. 2005 Sep;59(2):253-67.

Abf genetics seeds

Plant Mol Biol. 2005 Sep;59(2):253-67.


Abscisic acid-responsive gene expression is regulated by numerous transcription factors, including a subgroup of basic leucine zipper factors that bind to the conserved cis-acting sequences known as ABA-responsive elements. Although one of these factors, ABA-insensitive 5 (ABI5), was identified genetically, the paucity of genetic data for the other family members has left it unclear whether they perform unique functions or act redundantly to ABI5 or each other. To test for potential redundancy with ABI5, we identified the family members with most similar effects and interactions in transient expression systems (ABF3 and ABF1), then characterized loss-of-function lines for those loci. The abf1 and abf3 monogenic mutant lines had at most minimal effects on germination or seed-specific gene expression, but the enhanced ABA- and stress-resistance of abf3 abi5 double mutants revealed redundant action of these genes in multiple stress responses of seeds and seedlings. Although ABI5, ABF3, and ABF1 have some overlapping effects, they appear to antagonistically regulate each other’s expression at specific stages. Consequently, loss of any one factor may be partially compensated by increased expression of other family members.